President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to provide a required pace to with all sincerity at our command in Information Technology Sector, Information Technology has crossed all bounds transparent available at your palm or finger. Maximum use & interaction of I.T. instruments will open waste fields in your knowledge.

Micron is a very well established Information Technology Company, providing expert knowledge and instant solutions in this field. The participation of large number of users is the requirement of the day not only to keep abreast of the current developments in this field but our awareness of the product is actually important micron has taken are initiative.

I.T. opens doors to prosperity and success, it plays major role in making any venture a success, not only the progress and performance can be monitored but rapid changes and improvement can be made to maximize the benefits and utilization of human energies to their best ability. The Government of Pakistan is going through economic revival program for which favorable policies are introduced in the entire sector specially I.T.


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