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Sigma Leasing Pvt. Ltd.
Software: Financial, Leasing, COI’s & MIS Suite

Sigma introduces itself as a professional and progressive leasing company operating in Pakistan. It is approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the then Corporate Law Authority, (CLA)and commenced it operations on January 28, 1997. Sigma Leasing Corporation Limited is a public limited company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, with a paid up capital of Rs.100million, with its head offices at Karachi. The company is now increased to Rs.200 million with equity base of Rs. 260 million.

The basic objective of  Sigma Leasing Corporation Limited is to provide full payout financial leases against plant and machinery, office equipment and vehicles . However, along with providing this facility, Sigma Leasing also  intends to embark on other services which include consumer lease finance and micro leasing.


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