MICRON supports enterprises and organizations of nearly all sizes with products, solutions and services which offer customers the highest degree of availability, scalability manageability and security in the Information Technology business


To stimulate we organized cyber games competition in collaboration with  

Information Technology, Ministry of Sindh

at Expo Center 6th to 8th June 2008.

Latest News

  • Promote the understanding of digital games, and playfulness as they provide experiences that support engagement and learning.
  • Promote the understanding of digital games, and playfulness as an accepted form of communication.
  • Establish a member-based support network that promotes research focusing on digital games within and across traditional disciplines and academic borders.
  • Promote a cross-disciplinary and multi-directional approach to game research, and seek to strengthen and uphold a multiplicity of discourses in the study of digital games.
  • Develop Micron’s international scope by providing opportunities for collegial interaction across national boundaries.
  • Provide a meeting point for scholars and researchers from academia, industry and gamer communities studying digital game


Our Skilled IT Consultants provide information technology (IT) expertise that can greatly benefit your business. Our service includes Computer Consulting, Networking, Maintenance, Support, Develop and Sales, Migration & Data Recovery.


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