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Product 3D Hologram FAN:


3D hologram fan display,also known as 3D holographic fan display,3D led fan,3D advertising fan.It is widely adopted in many occasions such as advertising,shopping mall,car exhibition,etc.Flexible in various pattern,musics and videos customized.This gadget can make your product or portrait exposed sharply,which is also easily controlled by wifi,app and sd card

Diameter:42cm Definition:640px *640px Power: 20W Output voltage: AC 100~240V Input: 12v 3000mA Lifetime: More than 100,000 hrs LED quantity: 320pcs LEDs

Diameter:65cm Definition:1080px*1080px Power:36W Output voltage:AC 100-240V Input: 12v Lifetime: More than 50000 hrs Pixel LED :180*4=720pc 0605 LED


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