Micron Information Technology’s value to our clients is based on a three part strategy:

  • We combine our product acquisition and deployment offerings with a high quality, IT service delivery capability.
  • We continue to expand and enhance the IT outsourcing and system integration services we offer clients.
We build all that we do on the belief that service quality is Micron Information Technology ’s key differentiator in the marketplace

Micron Education Tech Advantage Series is a new subscription offering made up of product-focused recorded training tracks. Each Micron Education Tech Advantage Series track is designed to provide you with access to a selection of advanced training events - quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Each training track consists of up to 8 one-to-two hour recorded modules – and some of the On Demand modules also include instructor demonstrations


Micron Migration Training Services

Micron realizes the importance of quality migration training to support the migration paths for major product releases. Therefore, Micron Education has developed a complete program to assist you with your migration needs and training requirements


If you're interested in licensing or reselling in your country, please

free to contact us We offer exclusive licensing or reseller volume rates, depending on your marketing approach. Also, if you would like to distribute a localized version E in your country, we'd be glad to assist you in translating
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