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Personalized and Advanced:

For customers who need a higher level of service and commitment for business-critical projects, personalized support and advanced services allow you to develop a closer partnership with Micron. These include Alliance and Privilege Support, Monitoring and Alerting packages, as well as personalized training, migration/upgrade services, and more:

  • Migration/Upgrade Services New initiatives in your company may require you to either upgrade or replace your current software and/or hardware infrastructure(s). Whether you are looking to deploy to new hardware platform or software architecture, let Micron help. For migrations, we can assist with setting up a test environment, planning the move to production, installing the software and migrating your code. For upgrades, we can help configure your software to take advantage of the latest version enhancements, perform the upgrade itself, and/or tune your new environment.
  • Personalized Training Learn specific skills tailored to your individual situations from Micron. This assistance can be performed online or over the phone at your convenience. Personalized training can include tutorials, tips, tricks, new feature overviews, performance and tuning reviews, and coding technique.

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