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Software Services

Micron continuously improves its software so that you can develop information systems to keep your business on the competitive edge. Software Services enable access to these software improvements through new version releases and maintenance releases as follows:

  • New Version Releases To keep your system current, these fully tested new version releases are issued periodically and often include new features, improved performance, and changes to ensure your Micron products are optimized for your operating system and hardware. These releases also include fixes for software defects identified in earlier versions.
  • Maintenance Releases Micron periodically releases fully tested, production-quality maintenance releases, which include software fixes. These releases undergo regression testing and compatibility testing with other Micron products to ensure the release is up to our product quality standards.
  • The Update Subscription Plan (USP) Update Subscription Plan an annual plan ensuring your receipt of all the major and minor new version releases for a given software product within the one-year term of the Update Subscription Plan. Update Subscription Plan provide a cost savings over individual update purchases
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