Data migration is usually only one small sub-project within a big or huge project of upgrade or even application migration to similar application of another vendor.
As usual for small sub-projects not too much attention is dedicated to the data migration, which is indeed a central and critical part of the whole project.
As complex migrations of huge amount of data are not executed very often in an company, there is not too much experience with unusual situations, and the likelihood to run into one of the unusual, seldom pitfalls is very high, resulting in significant delay of the whole project.
This template contains a list of critical checks to identify and address or exclude those pitfalls in an early phase of the project, thus ensuring the confidence for keeping the time plan.
Micron team of dedicated professionals has vast IT experience in developing and establishing IT organizations over the time. This experience has earned us a place where we can predict the changing trends and provide state of the art hardware & Software solution for the IT Industry.

Micron endeavor to constantly meet its customers demand and exceed their expectations by:

  • Building quality into Migration products and services
  • Focusing on what’s important to our customers
  • Constantly striving for improvement
Maintaining creativity and teamwork in the workplace
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