Data Capturing

  • Data Capture via 2 x Analog Digital Channels
  • Automatic data report via SMS on programmable
  • schedule
  • Data report via SMS when receiving SMS command
  • Automatic SMS alerts when data is above or below
  • the preset levels
  • Low operating voltage alert SMS

Alarm Input

  • 8 x Alarm Inputs
  • 4 x Phone Numbers Alarm Dial Out
  • Arm/Disarm by SMS
  • Programmable SMS text
  • Automatic send SMS to mobile phone when alarm is triggered

Temperature Humidity Sensor

  • Integrated Temperature sensor
  • External Attached Temperature & Humidity sensors
  • SMS Alert on high or low temperature
  • SMS Alert on high or low humidity
  • Auto temperature & humidity report via SMS

Relay Output

  • 3 x Relay Outputs
  • Alarm Triggered or SMS Control
  • Control by mobile phone SMS
  • Programmable Relay Time Lapse Control

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